• Shreem Café Latte probiotic soap bar is 100% handmade soap and made with the goodness of natural ingredients and essential oils. It is a much needed thing in the morning, kick start your day with our fresh, aromatic coffee soap. This delicious smelling Coffee soap will give you a much needed coffee rush.
  • It’s suitable for people prone to acne as it has the goodness of antioxidants, stimulants, and chlorogenic acids from the coffee beans that make it an effective acne-fighting soap for you.
  • Puffiness or dark patches say no more with this indulgent rub on your body, Because of the ability to dilate, or widen, the blood vessels under the skin’s surface, our handmade café latte soap can help reduce it’s appearance.
  • Coffee beans have natural anti-inflammatory properties. When your skin is exposed to harsh sun, a gentle use of our café latte soap can help reduce inflammation and sooth out the skin.

Cafe latte- Probiotic soap

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